Ropeway project is in safe hands: GTDC; Reiterates there is no financial obligation from Govt. for the project

Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (GTDC) has awarded the ropeway project between Panjim and Reis Magos to Menus Adventures Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest adventure tourism companies in India. The company has more than a decade experience in installation and maintenance of all types of imported ropeway systems in India. The company has a rich track record of designing, installing, operating and professionally managing one of the prominent ropeway projects in India. The Company has done over 200 ropeway installations worldwide. Royal Rides Pvt. Ltd. (Royal Rides), Special Purpose Vehicle incorporated by Menus Adventures Pvt. Ltd., will act as concessionaire for development, operations and maintenance of the Goa ropeway project during the concession period.

All clear for Reis Magos Ropeway project

The Goa cabinet which met on Friday granted its approval to the proposal for Reis Magos to Panaji ropeway project. The cabinet approved the appointment of Menus Adventures Pvt. Ltd. as Concessionaire for the project with Doppelmayr Garaventa Group Austria as its technology provider. The Lower Terminal Station of the project will be at Panjim in the land belonging to Department of Tourism, next to swimming pool area. The upper Terminal Station of the project will be next to Reis Magos fort in the land belonging to Communidade of Nerul. The length of the ropeway will be 1.24 Km. across river Mandovi and the ropeway will follow European CEN standards, which are known for highest quality and reliability.

Ropeway project one step closer to reality Cabinet nod for Menus Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

The long pending ambitious ropeway project between Panaji and Reis Magos took a step towards realization with the state cabinet approving the appointment of Menus Adventures Pvt. Ltd., which in turn incorporated Royal Rides Pvt. Ltd. as Special Purpose Vehicle for execution of the Project. The proposed project will offer a bird’s eye view of the Panaji city and the river Mandovi, will take 24 months to complete and will potentially create 200 direct jobs and 700 indirect jobs and entrepreneurship options.

Panjim-Reis Magos ropeway gets Government’s go-ahead

The State Cabinet of Goa gave its approval for signing an agreement with Menus Adventures Pvt. Ltd., which has formed a consortium with Doppelmayr Garaventa Group (its technology partner) for setting up of ropeway project between Panjim and Reis Magos. Doppelmayr Garaventa Group is an Austrian Company having wide experience in the manufacture and installation of surface and aerial ropeways, cable cars etc. The high-end project is aimed towards giving a boost to the state tourism sector, along with other entertainment avenues in Goa.

Ropeway bridge to Reis Magos fort gets State Cabinet approval

Tourism Minister of State Government of Goa mentioned that the prime objective of the ropeway project is to promote high end tourism and to further enhance the image of the State and to diversify the tourism product portfolio. The project apart from tourism purposes, will also be used as a mode of transport between Panjim and Reis Magos. The project will have facilities for ropeway operations, recreation and entertainment tourism activities such as gondola restaurant, sea aquarium, revolving restaurant, artficial skiing, sky diving simulators, zip line, kids arena, virtual and augmented reality rides along with support infrastructure like public amenities, first aid rooms, restaurants / food courts, souvenir shops. The project would attract high-end tourism infrastructure to the State and would adhere to European CEN standards of safety and security.

Ropeway also to serve as transport for commoners

The State Government of Goa’s landmark passenger Ropeway project between Panjim to Reis Magos will also serve as transportation for commoners, besides being a major tourist attraction in Goa. The State Cabinet granted its approval for the project. The tourism minister said that tourism being backbone of Goa, every step has to be initiated to elevate the sector to compete with other tourist destinations, both in India and abroad.