Ropeway project is in safe hands: GTDC; Reiterates there is no financial obligation from Govt. for the project

Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (GTDC) has awarded the ropeway project between Panjim and Reis Magos to Menus Adventures Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest adventure tourism companies in India. The company has more than a decade experience in installation and maintenance of all types of imported ropeway systems in India. The company has a rich track record of designing, installing, operating and professionally managing one of the prominent ropeway projects in India. The Company has done over 200 ropeway installations worldwide. Royal Rides Pvt. Ltd. (Royal Rides), Special Purpose Vehicle incorporated by Menus Adventures Pvt. Ltd., will act as concessionaire for development, operations and maintenance of the Goa ropeway project during the concession period.